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GST Plan

GST is a “great step by Team India, great step towards transformation, great steps towards transparency”.


Application for GST Registration
Any Amendment in GST Registration Application
Application for Clarification

Proprietorship – ₹ 1,999 *
Partnership Firm – ₹ 2,999 *
Company / LLP – ₹ 3,999 *

( * T & C )


GST Filing for NIL Return

₹ 1,999 ( * T & C ) Per Month Inclusive Of Taxes

Monthly Nil GSTR-3B Return Filing
GSTR-1 Return Filing Due in that Month
Excluding GST Annual Return


GST Filing for Other Than NIL Return

₹ 2,999 ( * T & C ) Per Month Inclusive Of Taxes

Unlimited B2C Invoices
Upto 20 B2B Invoices
Monthly GSTR-3B Return Filing & Preparations
GSTR-1 Filing due in that month
Excluding GST Annual Return


GST Filing for Composite Dealer

₹ 3,999 ( * T & C ) per quarter Inclusive Of Taxes

Quarterly CMP-08 Return Filing
Excluding Annual Return


GST Overview

GST (Goods and Services Tax) is India’s biggest indirect tax reform. A comprehensive dual GST was introduced in India from 1 July 2017. Current scenario of world economy depicts that more than 140 nations, worldwide use GST system. Like Canada, India adopted dual GST (CGST and SGST) system

GST Annual Return for Composite Dealer

₹ 5,999 ( * T&C ) Inclusive Of Taxes

Filing GSTR-9A Return

GST Annual Return for Regular Dealer

₹ 9,999 ( * T & C ) Inclusive Of Taxes

Filing of GSTR-9 Return
Filing of GSTR- 9C (Reconciliation Statement)

GST Annual Subscription

₹ 23,999 ( * T & C ) Inclusive Of Taxes

Unlimited B2C Invoices
Upto 50 B2B Invoices on Monthly Basis
Monthly GSTR-3B Return Preparations & Filing
Monthly/ Quarterly GSTR-1 Preparations & Filing
Excluding Annual Return